Great news for buying house & land in Melbourne

Significant price growth in the Melbourne’s outer ring indicates buyer interest in “new growth areas.”  And remember that Melbourne was voted by The Economist magazine as the No.1 most liveable city in the world, then this makes owning an affordable home or investment in the west of Melbourne much more attractive.

“Areas more than 20km from the Melbourne CBD increasing 2.9 percent over September figures. Double-digit quarterly growth was experienced in multiple outer suburbs including Warrandyte (19.1 percent), Greenvale (17.8 percent), Frankston South (12.4 percent), Hillside (11.8 percent), Werribee (11.6 percent) and Parkdale (10.7 percent).” writes The Real Estate Conversation*.

henderson_merchantBluebell Real Estate couldn’t agree more with this article, and in addition to this house in Werribee (above) we have numerous house and land properties available for sale in these outer Melbourne suburbs.

floorplanIf you are interested in moving to the area, read my previous blog  on property and the other on the area west of Melbourne.
Then and ask me for a Brochure, or if you are interested in property for investment where you own both the house and the land, then ask us and we can also refer both Finance Consultants and Accountants to get sound advice.  A property such as this above with 315 square metres of land, and 4 bedrooms can be rented for around $450 to $500 per week income.

Read the full article here plus I’ve blogged already on these same suburbs here.  And then when you are ready – ask us to send you a Property Enquiry Form, because that way we can narrow down exactly the right property for your needs.

PLUS have a look at some other houses we have available to buy in this area.

What also makes this area attractive is that is in the vicinity of some major University precincts. And then only 35 minutes to the Melbourne University, the no.1 University in Australia.

werribee map